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Welcome To Mongolia

Welcome to Mongolia and enjoy "nowhere else to be found" trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, horse riding and jeep tours with "Nomadic and Nature Travel Mongolia". If, however, none of the two options appeal to your liking we will happily tailor an individual tour for you and include it in the list of our GUARANTEED TOURS so that you enjoy a company of other likeminded travelers and share the costs. You probably know the group travel rule: "The more people - the lower is the cost per person."

Festival & Event tours

The Naadam Festival is the major Mongolian holiday and a wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land

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Cultural tours

Cultural tours in Mongolia are featured the Naadam festival, nomadic family visiting, Golden festival and many more

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Discovery tours

Mongolia discovery tours in far eastern, western, southern and northern Mongolia are featured in this category.

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Customer Reviews

  • Here in Gobi the vistas are truly endless. The flat sands stretch to the edge of the deep blue sky. Bactrian camels forage on sagebrush-like shrubs that look like bales of hay spread out on the desert floor. 

    The highlight of our time in the Gobi was the day we spent at a Naadam Festival. Young men and women competed in overland horse racing, wrestling, and archery, as well as a thrilling event where riders on horseback at full gallop tried to pick up objects from the ground without falling off...

    David and Martha

  • Never imagined how it would be to live as a Mongolian nomad. I was curious and took the challenge to eat, think, live like a Nomad. Wauw! An impresive experience.That these people change 4 to 10 times in a year from place.That they not have a easy life.But that they can still be satisfied and happy. And just live in these "yurta" tents.
    I drinked a lot of "Airag" horsemilk and enjoyed the horseback riding on Mongolian small horses.
    What's so special of Mongolia is that there is desert and green nature together..


  • My journey in Mongolia has been the best experience I have had since I have started my world trip in January 2014. I didn’t know what to expect from this country. Mongolians are in fact the exact definition of hospitable. It’s in their culture to know how to receive guests. At their home, they will always have some tsai (traditional salty milk tea) and some food ready to be offered to the possible unscheduled guests. There is nothing boring in this country! It’s like a life lesson to go there and to enjoy the purity of nature and life there.