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Nomadic and Nature Travel Mongolia

Welcome to Mongolia

Mongolia is a unique travel destination that offers you the modern, lively, culturally-rich city of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding 1.5 million square kilometers of country where our millenniaold nomadic lifestyle co-exists with rapidly changing development throughout the country.

Mongolian Nature & Wildlife

National Nature Wildlife Conservation Society NGO’s ”HUREELEN” project was founded by professional photographers, film makers, biologists, journalists with an aim to contribute to the wildlife preservation. The crew has successfully completed over 10 projects. The main objective of all projects is to increase public awareness of endangered animal species. All members agree that educating people about the environment that surrounds us is the only way to help people love our nature. 


Beautiful Scene's of Mongolia

Untounched nature of Mongolia. If you are looking for a perfect vacation that will be away from poeple and city visit Mongolia. Experience the beautiful nature. Camp wherever and however you want. Feel the real offroading experience.