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    The Altai Mountains offer a unique opportunity for the physically fit, adventurous, culturally curious, and lovers of unspoiled natural beauty to enjoy the experience of venturing into the lands where, for thousands of years, a handful of people have lived in close harmony with nature, herding their livestock, untouched by the modern world. They extend both warmth and hospitality which makes the foreign traveler feel welcome.

    The Altai Mountain Range is located in one of the most beautiful, pristine and remote parts of the world, stretching across the very center of Central Asia between China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia, and standing at the junction of several natural zones and cultures. Few foreigners ever venture to this corner of the world. Those that do, see a variety of stunning high mountain landscapes and immense open spaces, all framed by snow covered peaks. 


        Our partner NGO the "National Nature Wildlife Conservation Society" works since 2013 on a Joint Project to establish the "Mongolian Nature and Wildlife Photography and Filming Archive". Therefore we make donations from travel Revenue showing Social Responsibility.

     We are glad to announce that by choosing our Agency you will contribute to the Protection and Conservation of the Mongolian Nature and Wildlife for future Generations, raise awareness and improve Education.

Day 1. Arrival in UB, City tour

Day 2. Flight to Ulgii

Day 3. Reach Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain - the Gate of Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Day 4. Trekking to the Base Camp of Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain

Day 5. Trekking towards to Potanin Glacier & Altai TavanBogd

Day 6. Replacing horses at Tsagaan River

Days 7-9. Horse riding to Khoton Khurgan lakes, Visit to local Nomad family

Day 10. Meeting up with vehicle team

Day 11. Drive to Tolbo Lake

Day 12. Arrive in Khovd town. Touring in the town & Hotel night

Day 13. Flight to UB. Free day


Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Check in at the hotel. Unpacking and getting rested. After lunch, visit the Natural History Museum and Gandantegchinlen Monastery. Back to the Hotel.

Day 2. Flight to Ulgii

Flight to Ulgii. The Ulgii is located in the extreme west of the country, and shares borders with both Russia and China. The border between the two neighbouring countries is very short here, though, and ends after about 40 km at the eastern end of Kazakhstan. 

Day 3. Reach Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain - the Gate of Altai TavanBogd National Park

Drive towards to Altai Tavanbogd National Park and reach the entrance of National Park Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain where snow peaked mountains will surround. Visit local family and overnight at tent.

Day 4. Trekking to the Base Camp of Altai TavanBogd Mountain

Today after breakfast we will start our trekking towards the Tavanbogd mountains. The distance to the base camp is 15 km. Overnight at tent near the skirt of Malchin peak 4050m.

Day 5. Trekking towards to Potanin Glacier & Altai TavanBogd

The Potanin Glacier is the longest glacier in Mongolia, its about 14 km long and located in the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain in Altai Mountains.The glacier is named after the explorer Grigory Potanin.

Day 6. Tsagaan gol, visit nomad family (Eagle hunter)

Arrive at Tsagaan Gol to change our horses. Tsagaan Gol, or White river, owes its color to glacial milk, the suspended powder of rock eroded be the high glaciers. Tent near nomad family. Talking with nomads and sharing our experiences. 

Days 7-9. Horse riding to Khoton Khurgan lakes, Visit to local Nomad family

The Khoton Lake is a freshwater lake in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in western Mongolia.

It lies at the foot of the Altai Mountains near the Chinese border, at an elevation of about 2,000 metres above sea level. It is fed by the Khuiten River from the east and other rivers from the north. With an area of 50 square kilometres, it is the country's twenty-sixth largest lake by surface area. It has a maximum depth of 8.58 metres. The lake is home to abundant fish life.

The Khurgan lake is a fresh water lake connected to the Khoton Lake trhough a 2 km long channel. These 2 lakes are fed by the Khovd river.

The Khoton, Khurgan and Dayan Lakes are remainders of the Ice age and are located in the Altai Tavan Bogd nature preservation.

Visit nomad family and ger camp.

Day 10. Meeting up with vehicle team

Meet our vehicle team. Relax day at the beautiful lakes. Optional hiking and trekking activity. Overnight in tent.  

Day 11. Drive to Tolbo Lake

The Tolbo is a large saline lake, it is located in the district, just north of the sum center. The lake was the stage of the “Battle of Tolbo Lake” in 1921 during the Russian Civil War where Bolsheviks and Mongolian allies defeated an army of White Russians.

Day 12. Arrive in Khovd town. Touring in the town & Hotel night

Khovd is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia, located in the west of the country. Its capital is also named Khovd.

Khovd is approximately 1,580 km from Ulan Bator. It is considered remote even by Mongolian standards. It takes its name from the Khovd River, which is located in this province.

Day 13. Flight to UB. Shopping& Cultural Performance

Back to Ulaanbaatar. Hotel, shopping and dinner. Before dinner we will watch traditional Folklore concert. Hotel

Day 14. Airport & Departure

Drive to airport and help during check in at Airline




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 Start in Ulaanbaatar from the 1st Jun to the 25th Sep and everyday during 2016

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  Services not included in the cost:

    Accommodation: Hotel, ger camp, tented camp

    International airfare

    Guiding and interpreting service

    Personal equipments

    Full board meals

    Optional activity cost, excess baggage charges

    Transport: vehicle 4x4 or minivan

    Sleeping bag

    Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks

    Single room supplement

    Museums and cultural performance

    Alcoholic drinks

    Horses and Camping equipments

    Travel Insurance


    An advantage of this trip is that you can travel through different zones while enjoying the vast open spaces with multiple natural contrasts within several days. It will approximately take 4-7 hours driving from one destination to the next. If requested we will stop on the way and you will be granted enough time for photographs or just a small pause. 4WD vehicles, mostly Russian minivans or Japanese jeeps will be used to take us through the infinite steps. Normally, 2-3 people will be in one jeep with their luggage. 7 people fit in the minivan with their luggage. Self-evidently all of our vehicles are insured and well prepared for the long trip. In the case of any damages on the vehicle, our drivers will prove their excellent mechanical knowledge, based on many years of experience, and do the repairs.

   Overnight we will be staying in tourist camps. It is nice to stay in said camps after hours on the gravel “highways” of the countryside. Most of the tourist camps are equipped with the Mongolian traditional dwelling “Ger” for the guest’s accommodation. The ger is a very convenient dwelling since it is simple to build and easy to dismantle as well. The dome-shaped housing is constructed with a wooden skeleton a felt cover and fabric on the outside. The Gers are heated by a stove and furnished with traditional wooden beds (with full sized mattresses 137x190cm) or hotel standard size beds with clean sheets, comforters, pillows and blankets. Normally, two to three beds are in one Ger. If the client prefers to stay alone in a Ger, there will be additional charges. The camp provides a restaurant/bar, toilets like you know from home and washing facilities such as a shower. The numbers of low-impact eco Ger camps are increasing. Since 2014 many Camp owners started to turn their camps into environmentally friendly concepts. We prefer cooperating with Ger camps that follow these core responsibilities and are able to provide the best services for our clients.

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