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       National Nature Wildlife Conservation Society NGO’s ”HUREELEN” project was founded by professional photographers, film makers, biologists, journalists with an aim to contribute to the wildlife preservation. The crew has successfully completed over 10 projects. The main objective of all projects is to increase public awareness of endangered animal species. All members agree that educating people about the environment that surrounds us is the only way to help people love our nature. Mongolia is very rich in fauna. There are 138 species of mammals, 487 species of bird, 22 species of reptile, 75 species of fish and 6 species of amphibians.

      Since October 2013, the team has traveled 60 000 km around the country filming and taking pictures of 58 species of mammals, 117 species of bird, 4 species of fish, 3 species of amphibians. With these image and videos, the HUREELEN team made a 50 episodes long educational documentary about their voyages. 

      Our partner NGO the "National Nature Wildlife Conservation Society" works since 2013 on a Joint Project to establish the "Mongolian Nature and Wildlife Photography and Filming Archive". Therefore we make donations from travel Revenue showing Social Responsibility.

     We are glad to announce that by choosing our Agency you will contribute to the Protection and Conservation of the Mongolian Nature and Wildlife for future Generations, raise awareness and improve Education.



    Although he is versatile photographer, his main specialty is pristine nature and wild animals. This is why Ganbayar initiated and is successfully leading the “HUREELEN” project aimed to create a repository where photos and videos of Mongolian nature and wild animals are kept.

     A validation of his success is the highest award in journalism, the “Baldorj – 2014” award he reseived, which is the first among photographers. 






The Itinerary will be made depending on the number of the participating travelers and after consultation with the HUREELEN team.

The tour begin is to be set after consultation with the Hureelen Team.

What makes this Tour so special is that you will get the chance to travel and accompany a professional Team of photographers, film makers, biologists and journalists who have deep knowledge on finding and documenting the unique and diverse wildlife of Mongolia.

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