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Welcome to Mongolia



        The impressive history and rich traditions are what makes Mongolia unique and captivating to the world. Over 2200 years ago our ancestors, the Hunnu Empire laid the foundation of the first statehood that in 13th century grew into the largest landmass empire in the world under the ruling of Chinggis Khaan whose legacy continues on until today. The year 2015 commemorates the 800-year anniversary of Khubilai the Wise Khaan, grandson of Chinggis Khaan.


Throughout history Mongolians maintained an open-door foreign policy, promoted free trade, developed diplomacy and cooperation, exercised religious tolerance that all had been embedded in the rule of law. All of these without a doubt have contributed to the solidarity and progress of humanity and had been recorded in the world history.


We have rich history, simple yet great secrets, and wonderful things to offer. Nomads of the great steppe have been living in close bond with nature, and their love for nature is reflected in their millennia-old customs and traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Land of blue sky, land of the steppes, land of the nomads, land of rich history and culture, homeland of Chinggis Khaan.... Mongolia has been defined by different names. Today Mongolia is developing into a modern society of 21st century in step with the rest of the world. Three million Mongolians continue to write their history by making new success stories and putting Mongolia on the world map.


Mongolia is breathtaking in her pristine lakes, valleys of flower carpets, mountain peaks hidden in the clouds, Gobi as if of different planet, petroglyphs telling millennia-old stories, remnants of ancient cities and temples like scattered pearls, livestock grazing in the open, beautiful flora and fauna, and many more. Most importantly where peace-loving, open-minded, and hospitable people live in tune with dynamics of the rest of the world.


I cordially invite you to visit my country and discover for yourself the secrets to a nomad’s happiness by getting acquainted with the way of life, hospitable people, gallop across the wide open steppes on the fastest steed, gaze at the countless bright stars at night and lose yourself in the quiet still.


Life is full of discoveries. I wish and hope that my country will become the most exciting discovery of your life.


Welcome to Mongolia, home to nomads.


Sincerely yours,

D. Oyunkhorol


Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia