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Thank you so much for visiting Nomadic & Nature Travels website. I welcome you here to view the lands of the homeland of legendary Chinggis Khaan.

As founder and CEO of Nomadic & Nature Travel and as a native of Mongolia, it would be my greatest pleasure to arrange your trip of a lifetime through my homeland  of Central Asia. I love them, know them all well and can promise that throughout your journey, you will receive the warmest welcomes in the world.

Come and experience 2,200 years of history and tradition, breathtaking landscapes and exciting spectacles. Gobi desert, mountain peaks, valleys of flower carpets and the remnants of ancient cities and temples will thrill your senses. Brilliant patterns on cashmere fabric, the aroma of freshly airag and inspiring, ancient sites will mingle and become part of your personal journey's memories that you will treasure forever!

Please remember, "Your Wish Is My Command." My team and I are dedicated to providing you with the superior service you deserve including: customized itinerary planning, detailed travel arrangements, visa assistance, smooth and secure border crossings, the best in accommodations, and experienced, knowledgeable local guides.


Make this your year to discover all that Nomadic & Nature Travel offers you!





Tour company "Nomadic & Nature Travel Mongolia" is a close-knit and mobile team of successful professionals. The Company’s staff speaks the English, German, Japan and Korean languages. Each employee has gained wide experience in tourism sector. Nomadic & Nature Travel specialists keep on developing their knowledge: they constantly learn and improve their skills, share experiences, attend seminars and trainings in the country and abroad.

 Nomadic & Nature Travel is a team that consists of bright individuals. Get to know them better.












 Dembereldorj Tuvshintur

He was graduated from Travel and tourism managment University of the Humanities. Who can    call him ‘’Dembi’’. He speaks fluent German and English.

Soon is an award-winning tour guide from Mongolia who has been with us for many years. We  continuously receive glowing reports about his warmth and friendliness. The pride he takes in    showing people his beloved Mongolian speaks for itself.

“Something you shouldn’t miss is the Mongolian nomadic nature. This is the most beautiful  things in the world. And there’s the nomadic life! People are always surprised at how friendly    Nomadic people are. Everywhere you go you can see people smiling. That’s why we are called    the “land of smiles”. You can find Soon guiding many of our tours to Mongolia.












 Bayarjavkhlan Otgonbayar

He was graduated from Travel and tourism managment University of the Humanities. Who can  call him ‘’Bayaraa’’. He speaks fluent Enlish.

Bayaraa is one of NNTM’s most beloved Mongolian guides. His nomadic Mongolian character  makes everybody love his, and he takes great pride in his work and his country, helping  travellers uncover the true essence of vibrant Mongoia.

"Travelling makes me feel alive. Sharing my passion with people makes me very happy.  Especially when I get to do it in my home country, Mongolia. There’s nothing better than seeing  people happy, than contributing in creating and sharing precious moments together. And this can  happen everywhere, ... magic is all around! I am lucky to have this job. I don’t see myself doing  anything else."









Please contact Mr Batmunkh who can ask about our tour packages.

Address: 300 Inwood Drive Apt 109.

City.Wheeling . State il. Zip code 60090

Cell phone: 2244256883

E-mail: batmunkh@journeymongolia.com




Please contact Mrs Dolgorsuren who can ask about our tour packages.

Address: 425 Neptune gardens Alameda, CA 94501.

Cell phone: 5106046212

E-mail: doogii_mn@yahoo.com




Please contact Mr Manfred  who can ask about our tour packages.

Cell phone: +49 151 46446090, +49 152 57020581

E-mail: m.ulanow@germongoly.de




Please contact Mrs Odonchimeg who can ask about our tour packages.

Address: Saitamaken kodamagun misato machi ooaza amagasu 128.

Cell phone: +080 44018009

E-mail: hope-oogi@i.softbank.jp