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Nomadic and Nature Travel Mongolia

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Focus: Nomadic & Nature Travel founder and CEO Javkhlantugs.S is a native of Mongolia and he has traveled to all the destinations on our itineraries. He is passionate about inviting people to these fascinating new frontiers and introducing them to the natural beauty, and cultural and historic treasures there. Javkhlantugs and all of our on-site tour guides are Central Asia specialists; their focus is the region. Their in-depth knowledge is local and regional, and many have backgrounds in history, archaeology and art. They have built "insider" relationships with area hospitality professionals. 


Personal attention: Whether traveling independently or with a group we take care of you. Unexpected circumstances occur: eyeglasses break, medicines need replenishment, an illness needs attention... We are there, where you are, to help right away. Our clients are our first priority, and you'll always be taken care of while traveling with us. (Please review our Client Testimonials on our website.)


Security: Our attention to every detail of your trip includes keeping a watchful eye on travel and weather conditions and political situations. We are in constant communication with our colleagues abroad and are prepared to intervene with assistance or itinerary changes as required. We will advise you on purchasing travel insurance policies including those that cover emergency medical evacuation.


Tailored to Suit You: Not so interested in religion? Skip the tours we arrange to visit Buddhist temple and shamans. Ancient art your thing? We can add more archaeological sites to your itinerary, bring in a specialist, and research others that you may have in mind. Gobi Treasure Tours is your partner in creating a trip exactly as you picture it. You never have to buy a pre-packaged trip itinerary. We can include things as specific as horseback riding, musical events, or cashmere shopping. We design travel for special interests whether it be sightseeing and cultural discovery, culinary adventures, photography, business meetings, industrial conferences, photography treks, wildlife adventures...whatever you can think up, we can plan for.


Independent Travel: Some seasoned travelers prefer to travel independently, but value safety, the best transportation connections, uncomplicated border crossings, expert tour guides as needed, and easy access to all activities, sites and accommodations we have planned with them. We will provide as much or as little accompaniment as you wish.


Group Travel: Traveling with others who have similar interests can enrich your entire experience and lead to new friendships. Our travel groups have no more than 12 members for easiest access to everything from ancient sites to intimate restaurants. Gather family members, friends, or colleagues or simply enjoy the company of like-minded travelers.


Value: Rates for Nomadic & Nature Travels are competitive yet include many benefits far beyond planning, transportation, tour guides, meals, accommodations, and entrance fees. Our tours often include visits or meals at the home of local nomads who are friends and even relations of ours. We are flexible and can adapt to serendipities such as hands-on craft demonstrations, a spontaneous mongolian barbecue making opportunity or witnessing an unexpected folk music performance in a Yurt. The value of traveling with Nomadic & Nature Travels is in our personal care for you.